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Feature Request: More Color Controls

kileywm's profile image kileywm posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink

Long time user and big fan of the project. It's a matter of preference, but here's what I'd love to see:

Would you please consider adding more text foreground/background color options? In particular, I'd like to see them available in portable_settings.txt.

Currently, for the color options that exist, they are available like this: RowBackgroundEven_delimiter_3_delimiter_536870911


That's perfect for my needs, so my request is for more of the window colors to be changeable in this file.

As an aside, I did notice that some of these colors are overridden by the program (hardcoded color validation somewhere?) when a session is started, despite my efforts to mark the settings file as "Read only" to avoid defaults overwriting it. Version portable.

Example: SQL Attr Comment Background_delimiter_3_delimiter_2238503

Anyway, I know the white theme is fine for many people, but given the choice I'll always choose dark background with light foreground as it's easier on my eyes.

Thanks for the consideration.

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