Donated, but I get advertising

cloudserv posted 3 years ago in General

Hi Ansgar,

I have donated for HeidiSQL, but I get advertising displayed further. My email is correct. I have tested several times without success.

I use HeidiSQL on a PC without an Internet connection (database on localhost). I thought it's my email address. But whenever I disable the Internet connection, the advertisement is displayed. If I have Internet, the advertising is gone.

It is important that the computer works without internet. What should I set as a donor, so that advertising is no longer displayed?

ansgar posted 3 years ago

Well, that email is checked on HeidiSQL startup, and when you click the "OK" button on the "about" dialog. That check is done on, so that cannot work without an internet connection.

What you could do is start HeidiSQL when you have a connection, then leave it open forever, don't close it. You can then turn off your network and work with HeidiSQL without the donate buttons.

cloudserv posted 3 years ago

Why is it necessary that the email address is checked at every start of the program? The status of the e-mail address (donated) does not change. Is it not possible, to validate the email address only once? I can understand that this is a simpler validation process. Are not there ready-made solutions to later validation only locally, like a key file?

ansgar posted 3 years ago

Sorry, that's how it is for now. That was mainly a protection against hacks for non-donors, as I didn't have a better technical idea. A key file could be indeed an option. Will check that.

skutter86 posted 2 weeks ago

Sorry for responding an old thread, but I had the same problem and solved by "simulating" the server locally and editing my hosts file. It is extremely easy to do. Please, refer to 'HasDonated' function in main.pas. Maybe this is overkill, but surely it works :-)

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