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"Large" text reading

BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink
  1. Data tab, dbl click on cell, text box opens, OK reasonably good

a. why does text window have to fickr at open ? Mybe only on win 7 b. did not figure what is the catch, entire text in text box is almost allways autoselected , this is bad if one wants only to read the text and also in almost any other occasion c. Lost focus on text box should close it, no reason to 'hunt x button around'

  1. If on wants to read large text from cell, that is result of join query - can't be done - "grid editing error- more than one table involved".

Mybe I already suggested custom multiline tool tip, that would show entire cell content, window closeable by mouse out event. That would solve all upper problems.

angelabelly's profile image angelabelly posted 3 years ago Permalink


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