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[Tutorial] Getting back settings from offline (broken, remote) Windows installation

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I. Backup of current settings (optional, recommended):

Press Win and R and enter following string:

reg export HKCU\Software\HeidiSQL %userprofile%\desktop\currentHeidiSQLSettings.reg

It will export given key to file currentHeidiSQLSettings.reg on your desktop.

II. Importing HeidiSQL settings from offline/broken/remote system

  1. Download (it will work for newer Windowses as well). Run it.

  2. At first let's change language (remember to unpack Languages directory). Click on menu Extras, choose Sprache / Language, then English

  3. Click on the menu File, then "Open registry files..." then click on the "..." in the first field (SYSTEM)

  4. In the open dialog locate the old Users directory. If you installed another copy of Windows, it could be in c:\windows.old\users.

  5. Open ntuser.dat file and click OK

5a) If you don't see file ntuser.dat in this directory, just enter ntuser.dat manually in the field where file name goes (screenshot: ), press enter and click on the OK

  1. Open Software key in the tree

  2. Find HeidiSQL key and left click on it. Choose export and save it somewhere with .reg as extension. You may close RegistryViewer now.

  3. Now it's the time to be sure that HeidiSQL is closed. If not, close it.

  4. Run the file you've saved in the 7th point, e.g. double click on that. Windows will ask you if you are sure. Click "Yes".

  5. Run HeidiSQL.

  6. Shed a tear saying "I'm so happy... I missed you so much. I'm glad you are back" and hug your PC.

If you want to support me... Usually I'm saying there's a way to donate me, but that's pretty simple tutorial, so I'll be glad if you'd visit my website ( ) - maybe you'd find something interesting. In some months I'll publish separate knowledge base with tutorials and stuff about Windows Batch (with batch I feel like I'm coding in Brainfuck), PHP etc.

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Thanks a lot for your tutorial. Although it is simple but very useful. I added your website to my bookmarks.

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