Feature request: enable SSL & set SSL-CA via commandline

ppswede posted 12 months ago in Feature discussion

I want to launch HeidiSQL from KeePass in order to store credentials safely; and I've managed to set this up by launching HeidiSQL from command line using hostname, username & password stored in KeePass; however I am not able to pass additional command line parameters to ensure the connection uses SSL (enable SSL & set SSL-CA). Is it possible to add support for SSL command lines and/or is there another way to launch connections in Heidisql using credentials from KeePass?

ansgar posted 12 months ago

Sounds reasonable. What about the other SSL settings (private key, certificate, cipher)?

ppswede posted 12 months ago

Hey, thanks for the quick response! Personally I don't need those fields for now but I guess others could?

I should mention that I actually managed to work around the lack of these command parameters by having KeePass trigger a session that has all the settings configured (SSL, hostname, username - but no password) + passing the password via KeePass. The drawback with this compared to command-line is that I need to ensure that the same sessions are defined on all computers that I use Heidisql on and that they have the correct settings (so command line would still be nice, but managed to work around it for now :).

For anyone using KeePass, I added the following URL override (named "heidisql"):

cmd://"C:\Program Files\HeidiSQL\heidisql.exe" --description="{BASE:HOST}" --password="{PASSWORD}"

And then in the credential entry, I store the session name as such:


Which means the "Session-name" is passed into the --description field used by Heidisql.

ansgar posted 11 months ago

r5123 now accepts 5 new command line parameters for SSL settings. Please update HeidiSQL to the latest build and see the help section for command line parameters for details.

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