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Bug - Mysql Generated Column - STORED not PERSISTENT

alex_giuvara's profile image alex_giuvara posted 3 years ago in General

HeidiSQL version MySQL 5.7.13

When I try to change virtuality for a generated column in MySQL, I have the option 'PERSISTENT' which is not supported by the server.

When I run the query "ALTER TABLE users add COLUMN gender ENUM('M','F') GENERATED ALWAYS AS (json_unquote(meta->'$.gender')) STORED;" it works.

You have to replace 'PERSISTENT' with 'STORED' for MySQL.

Thank you

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endo64's profile image endo64 posted 2 years ago

This issue is still there.

MJ12358's profile image MJ12358 posted 1 year ago

I'm running into the same issue as the OP. MySql 5.7.22 using 'Stored' through the command line works but using 'Persistent' with Heidi does not.

This option would be a great addition to an already great piece of software!


kondybas's profile image kondybas posted 10 months ago

Also the expression for generated column is wrapped into the additional pair of brackets.

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