BUG - Showing wrong current database.

LiveMan posted 3 years ago in Running SQL scripts

Hi! I have a problem with indicator of current database. There are three type of indicator, only one of them work fine. HeidiSQL x64, b5124, Windows 7

How to repeat: On 1 server located 2 databases(db_main, db_test). 0. Connect to a server(without db, chosen in connection settings)

  1. Click on <db_test> in a tree, expand tables, choose "table1".
  • "table1" in db_test would be highlighted(this is first indicator of chosen db)
  • Database <db_test> in the tree gets green mark(as the second indicator).
  • Tab with current database name renames into "Database:db_test", indicating my current database.
  • Caption of main window shows server ip, current database name and table name - all ok. At this point it is all ok, the most vivid and attractive indicator is highlighting in the tree and tab with current db name.
  1. Execute sql "Use db_main;"
  • Database <db_main> in the tree gets green mark(this is ok).
  • "table1" in db_test remains highlighted(WRONG !!!)
  • Tab with current database name shows old and wrong caption "Database:db_test", showing wrong data.
  • Caption of main window shows old data - all, except server ip is wrong.
  1. delete from sometable; - it deletes data in "db_main" in spite of showing db_test as current db.

It would be better to change tab, caption of main window and highlighting(selection in tree) of current db as db changes. I think it is not so many work, because mark(in tree) works pretty good.

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