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after updating from 9.2 to 9.4 the content of varbinary(16) fields that we use to save GUIDs are not displayed as hexadecimal values anymore. That was one of the reasons I preferred HeidiSQL to the MySQL products. Could you please change it back to the old style? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Martin

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kalvaro posted 1 year ago

Please unclick the "View binary data as text" button in main toolbar. posted 1 year ago

Thanks for this idea. Unfortunately this only changes the appearance in the data view, but it does not change anything if the varbinary was used in a SELECT in a query tab.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Could you please post the value as hex string here so I can check that:

SELECT HEX(`GGUID`) FROM yourtable posted 1 year ago

Actually it's with any of my tables that have this GUID field.

Example GUIDs: CCCF462D20A64DE583A4592FCB710D6A 42F9836056774F85BD575B47165717CF E70D766F5A5E4BAA94CBF6D02F64670F 5FACCE1873634CE78310C35FC95296AC F6EE84E0289B47B28C5291ADDC8C3560

BTW: I am running MySQL 5.7.16. The field in the table is a binary(16).

kalvaro posted 1 year ago

I no longer have an old version to compare but it's very easy to reproduce in 9.4:

create table foo (
    gguid binary(16) not null primary key
insert into foo (gguid) values (unhex('CCCF462D20A64DE583A4592FCB710D6A'));
select * from foo;

The "View binary data as text" button works as expected in "Data" tabs but is ignored in regular "Query" ones.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Yes, can confirm that. And I suspect r5106 to cause that issue.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

r5127 now removes a superold workaround for distinguishing between text and binary columns. Fixes the issue for me. I'll keep an eye on other text and binary columns and whether they keep getting detected correctly.

pqwer99 posted 1 year ago

oooo r5127 detected chinese error, in edit VIEW mode.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Can you please post some more details please.

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