Password reset

Ayyoob posted 2 years ago in General

Good Day

I need to reset my password on the Session Manager screen. I can't recall I set it as . is there a way to reset.

kalvaro posted 2 years ago

Passwords can be reset from the User Manager but of course you need to start a session first:

If you don't have a user with admin privileges you need to fix that in MySQL Server.

lyy posted 2 years ago

You can use this tool to reset your password just search the keyword"password manager" to find what you need and I hope it will give you some help.It supports many types of files or system and it is free.If you need the website you can leave me your email and I can send it to you

angelamo posted 1 year ago

To reset password,you need to search online for the top password manager ,password safe app,best password manager keeper,etc.These can help you.

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