How can I increase the font in the result of the query console ?

asker posted 2 years ago in General

Hey, I am using Windows 10. Accidentally I have pressed some keys which has zoomed out the font to the minimum as in the screenshot in this link:

How can I zoom in the font of the query result to the default?

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ansgar posted 2 years ago

Either use Ctrl+Mousewheel for zooming in the data grids. Or go to Tools > Preferences > Text formatting.

windows_xp posted 1 year ago

I used "Ctrl+Mousewheel" by accident and like to go back to the default 100% Zoom/Font settings - how can i do that? (without Ctrl+Mousewheel)

Thanks a lot!

ansgar posted 1 year ago

There is no 100% like in a web browser, just the default font size, which is 9pt. You can set it in Tools > Preferences > SQL.

windows_xp posted 1 year ago

Thanks a lot - i wasnt sure about that "Webbrowser 100%"-Option concerning Font/Zoom. Fixed it now!

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