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IP Address being truncated

mrhatch's profile image mrhatch posted 3 years ago in Creating a connection Permalink

When connecting to a server the ip address is truncated at for instance if the ip of the machine was it would be truncated to and of course you cannot log in to a server that does not exist. I tried creating a host entry and using the name but still have the same problem. Is this a known issue? I have attached a screenshot with both the error and the current version numbers of HeidiSQL.


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kalvaro's profile image kalvaro posted 3 years ago Permalink

This IP handling should be entirely a server-side task. Are you sure that's not your external IP address?

mrhatch's profile image mrhatch posted 3 years ago Permalink

The ip address is assigned to the server by corporate DNS. It is an internal ip address, I am running the HeidiSQL client on my development desktop while the database is on a server. The specification for an IPV4 ip address is and it appears that it is being truncated at 9 characters because most likely because connections are being made to I was hoping that we could get that changed.

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