Heidi only uses one connection for all tabs and this creates lock ups

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HeidiSQL only ever uses a single connection to the database, and thus if a query is running in one tab, and you switch to another tab and run another query, that query will not run. this creates problems for trying to stop long running queries, because you can't query to see which process to kill in MySQL for example. But, it gets worse. If you are typing in a new SQL statement in another tab while a query is running, that typing may result in the editor attempting to enumerate columns in a table reference when you type a 'alias.', before typing the column name. this will lock up HeidiSQL and cause complete loss of all the queries and state you have in your other tabs.

This is getting really frustrating that we still don't have an automatic tab save feature for these kinds of problems..

kesse's profile image kesse posted 2 months ago Permalink

7 years later and still no option to use one connection per tab :(

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 months ago Permalink

There are reasons for a single connection, for instance the lifetime and values of certain variables, which would be lost in a new connection. That was already discussed in the tracker.

kesse's profile image kesse posted 2 months ago Permalink

Thanks for the response. I would still prefer one connection per tab. At least having it as a option to enable would be great.

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