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No rows imported error

EmmyS's profile image EmmyS posted 3 years ago in Import/Export Permalink

I'm trying to import a simple csv file into an empty table. I've done this before with no problems, but this time I'm getting an error:

No rows were imported. This can have several causes: -File is empty -Wrong file encoding was selected or detected -Field and/or line terminator do not fit to the file contents

I've attached screenshots of both my import settings and my file; can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? (I did see another topic on this, but it's quite old and apparently I can't post links without more posts.)

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ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 years ago Permalink

The only thing I cannot see is what kind of linebreaks your csv file has. You set the line terminator to \r\n (Windows linebreaks). Probably the file has \n (Unix linebreaks)?

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 years ago Permalink

Ah, and probably there is some whitespace in the line/field terminators, which is not visible on the screenshot?

canro's profile image canro posted 3 years ago Permalink

I got the same problem, and try using \n "It works.." Thank you.

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