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MS SQL prefixed tables have to be refreshed to avoid naming error

worldexplorer's profile image worldexplorer posted 3 years ago in General

Hi HeidiSQL team! I really appreciate your work, 5mb for a convenient SQL browser that's what we all need. I'm using Heidi SQL for ~3 years and I donated at some point; will do it again.

When MS SQL database uses schema, then tables are named using a dot as a separator. Example:

  1. Userspace.RegistrationData
  2. Userspace.ProfileQuestions
  3. Userspace.ProfilesFilled
  4. Customer.Customers
  5. Customer.Orders

So when I first connect to a database with tables, and each table has a dot (".") in table name:

  1. Heidi shows tables without the domain name, omitting prefixes and the dot. (just "RegistrationData")
  2. A click on any table ends up with an error ("table doesn't exist");
  3. I have to click on the database and click refresh button from the menu;
  4. then, tables will be printed as they exist in the database ("Userspace.RegistrationData")
  5. and click on any table will show the its properties and the rows in other tabs, without any further errors.

could you please fix this?

MS SQL table names should contain prefix.tableName right after connection is established, without clicking on "Refresh" button.

Thank you very much! Pavel C

worldexplorer's profile image worldexplorer posted 3 years ago

... also exporting data as SQL into clipboard - ignores prefixes and pastes only "RegistrationData" instead of "Userspace.RegistrationData" in the INSERT statements...

even after the tables list was refreshed and works perfectly, showing the table content

worldexplorer's profile image worldexplorer posted 3 years ago

There is no such bug when Left Pane => Right click => "Tree Style Options" => "Group by object type".

Then, in the tree, Tables (170) contain the names of the tables already prefixed and click on the table shows its content (no refresh is needed).

both 1) with favorites clicked or 2) unclicked - next to the "Table Filter" - the tables are prefixed and work well (no refresh needed) when "grouped by object type" - there is no such bug when grouped

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