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MS SQL, left pane with tables: no table size available => no need to print right column

worldexplorer's profile image worldexplorer posted 3 years ago in General

Hi Ansgar,

I use HeidiSQL both for MySQL and MS SQL; for MySQL the left pane perfectly shows the file size of the table with fill percentage;

for MS SQL, this info is probably unavailable (I see no progressbar and no numbers), so 2 centimeters at right of the table list is sort of "waisted".

I can do small fixes like this I myself and send you the source code, right?... But:

  1. I don't have Delphi or the development environment to fix this - what are you using?
  2. Do you have your source code on github? this way, "pull request" feature would allow you to merge the source code with fixes from other developer who cloned your repository

Thanks, P

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 years ago

You can hide that "size" column:

  • right click the tree somewhere
  • point to "Tree style options"
  • click "Display size of objects" to toggle that column
worldexplorer's profile image worldexplorer posted 3 years ago

oh yes thank you - that menu item did what I wanted (I didn't check it there before) RESOLVED

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