Error Connecting to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

scampbell posted 9 months ago in General


I'm trying to use HeidiSQL to connect to a database in Azure SQL Data Warehouse and am getting an error that I can't find any more information about.

Using network type: Microsoft SQL Server (TCP/IP), the error is: / SQL Error (46722): Client driver version is not supported. /

I am able to connect to the master but not the warehouse db I created. If I connect without specifying a database it will connect but then fails when I select my database from the list in the left panel because of the USE statement which is not supported.

I'm using version (64 Bit)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Scott.

ansgar posted 9 months ago

If I recall right Azure requires a database name to be set in the session settings. Please try to set the "Databases" setting to "warehouse" in the "Settings" tab of the session manager, and then try again. I think Azure supports the "USE xyz" statement, but only for the previously specified database.

scampbell posted 9 months ago

Thanks for your response.

When I specify the name of my data warehouse in the Databases field of the Session manager is when it throws the "SQL Error (46722): Client driver version is not supported" error.

Another thing to mention is that I've been using HeidiSQL to connect to Azure SQL Server and it works great, the difference now is that it's connecting to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. I'm not sure why it would matter though.


ansgar posted 9 months ago

What's the difference then between Azure SQL Server and Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

scampbell posted 9 months ago

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is "a massively parallel processing (MPP) distributed database system". It's underlying architecture is different from Azure SQL Server. The forum won't let me post a link to the overview page.

But I don't know what the difference is from a client driver perspective. It supports the usual ODBC, JDBC, PHP and .NET connections so I assumed it would work the same as Azure SQL Server.

ansgar posted 9 months ago

I can only tell you that HeidiSQL's connection string gets these probably relevant parameters:

  • Provider=SQLOLEDB
  • Persist Security Info=True
  • Network Library=DBMSSOCN (for TCP/IP)
  • Data Source=[hostname],[port]

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