paste big data in query window now hangs UI

balexandre posted 1 year ago in Running SQL scripts

Up to some versions ago, I could paste a very big set of id's (more than 10.000) and it took less than 3 seconds to paste that into the query window...

now, the UI hangs completely for more than 2 minutes. After I can see the ID's in the window, I can't edit anything as the UI still hangs...

here's what I have pasted as (Copy/Paste):

pastebin eEbPZx3J (can't post links yet)

Does anyone know how to have a nimble query window again?

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Please test after I have reverted r5144, which obviously introduced more bugs than it solved.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Build r5149 now takes back my change from r5144, so it should be ok again.

balexandre posted 1 year ago

I confirm, now it's fine :)

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