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indominus posted 2 years ago in General

Hi guys, is there a problem with latest builds and new SSL on website. I'm on windows 10, and latest HeidiSQL, but when i open program, i see these errors:

/ Could not open URL: <URL-for-hasdonated> / / Could not open URL: <URL-for-updatecheck> / (website are set with Non SSL there)

Is there problem with my windows library (like curl, dns settings or something) or?

indominus posted 2 years ago

I apologize if anything is not understood, i added screenshot

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ansgar posted 2 years ago

In my tests that was no problem, and the internal web request library followed the http=>https redirects in all cases. But I see there are some edge cases, so I'll go and make the relevant urls callable with http again. Just give me time until tomorrow.

indominus posted 2 years ago

Thanks @ansgar, of course i will give you time needed, at least i can give :) I just reported. If i can help you with other information, just say.

ansgar posted 2 years ago

Here we are. Your updatecheck should work again now as previously.

In the updated heidisql.exe, I have activated https on these urls, so that the next update you make will be done with https instead of http. Would be nice if you could report back if that worked for you then. I have a gutt feeling the problem was not the http=>https redirect, but the ssl certificate which was not accepted by your Windows version. Probably reproducible when using MS Edge on

kalvaro posted 2 years ago

Trying out in Edge, I've just discovered that the Avast antivirus our sysadmin insist on having has hijacked the certificate store :_(

ansgar posted 2 years ago


kalvaro posted 2 years ago

It's something like this:

Why is 'avast! Web/Mail Shield Root' listed as CA for

Most likely, indominus' problem had nothing to do with this but...

indominus posted 2 years ago

Sorry, I saw in the morning check is work well, but i forgot for reported here :) @kalvaro, i think the problem was with heidisql, because i don't have any problem open website in other web browsers and ping via console (both non-ssl and ssl address). Anyway, @ansgar the program work perfectly fine now.

mcemberci posted 11 months ago

Same issue on Windows XP sp3, but there is no problem with browsing https site of with Chrome 49 on XP.

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ansgar posted 11 months ago

Well, XP is old and Microsoft doesn't support it since a while.

See here for a probably more precise explanation:

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