[...] added to result column when content is 265 characters long

halvor07 posted 2 years ago in Running SQL scripts

I have a problem where HeidiSQL adds "[...]" at the end of the column when it contains exactly 256 characters. It only happens in UI in the Query tab when doing a SELECT, so it is not saved to the DB unless you edit and save the column without removing it first. But it makes it look like the column ends with "[...]" when it actually doesn't.

HeidiSQL version: (64 Bit) Reproduced on MySQL 5.7.14 on Windows 10 and MySQL 5.5.52 on Debian.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a table with one TEXT column.
  2. Insert a row with 256 characters.
  3. Go to the query tab and SELECT * from the table.
  4. Try to edit the text and find that the "[...]" remains.
ansgar posted 2 years ago

I cannot reproduce that here. No matter if I have a value with 256 or 296 characters. Probably that "[...]" is stored in your row?

halvor07 posted 2 years ago

I just noticed that you have to have at least one whitespace to reproduce the problem.

"[...]" is NOT stored. It shows up in the "Data" tab too, but here it disappears when I try to edit the column. Please see attached gif.

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  • HeidiSQL_dotdotdot_bug
kalvaro posted 2 years ago

In my copy of HeidiSQL I can't even see any [...] anywhere. It uses just ... as ellipsis marker (without square brackets).


ansgar posted 2 years ago

Hm, I can't see it. Could you post your CREATE TABLE code plus some INSERT rows so I can probably reproduce it?

ansgar posted 2 years ago

Oh, now I can suddenly reproduce it. Not sure why it was different yesterday, but now when I have exactly 256 characters in a TEXT column, the thingy appears. Will check why that happens.

ansgar posted 2 years ago

Fixed that, in r5154.

halvor07 posted 2 years ago

Nice! Thanks!

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