MS-SQL: Search in binary fields

cht posted 1 year ago in General


I tried to use the "Find text on server" to spot some ID, which are stored as GUID in a binary field on an MS-SQL-Server. Unfortenately, this doesn't work.

HeidiSQL creates queries like this:

... FROM <Table> WHERE LOWER("GGUID") LIKE '0x7b2279362831cc4e99ad6bf553991436' ...

Which doesn't work. Correct would be:

... WHERE LOWER("GGUID") = 0x7b2279362831cc4e99ad6bf553991436

The 0x is necessary, and no quotes are allowed here. "like" would be ok, but it wouldn't work as expected (looking for parts of the binary), so I guess it's better to change it to "=". So the only "Match type" which should be allowed in such a case is "Exact match".

Is there any chance that there will be a fix in one of the next versions?

Sincerely cht

By the way: I have configured english as the language of my choice, but the options I see under "Search in column types" are still in the language my Windows is installed at.

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