Feature request: Session manager Settings tab

kovacsbv posted 1 year ago in General

Please consider changing "Port" to "MySQL port" in the Session manager's Settings tab. I almost always use SSH tunnel and put the SSH port in the Settings tab/Port field, when it really belongs under the SSH Tunnel tab.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

"MySQL port" is really bad, when having support for MSSQL and PostgreSQL with the same dialog.

kovacsbv posted 1 year ago

Perhaps "Database Port"?

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Even "database port" would be misleading, as the port setting is not bound to one database, but to the whole server connection.

Please look at the settings on the "SSH tunnel" tab. These settings are gathered on that "SSH tunnel" tab so it's clear to the user that it's the SSH connection. All normal server settings are on the settings tab. If you find the "port" label misleading, then the user, password, hostname etc. labels should also be misleading, are they? I guess not, as you're just talking about the port setting. So what's the reason for the confusion on the port setting?

I think the tab captions "Settings" and "SSH tunnel" should be clear enough to distinct between the things you have to enter there. I know that setting up an SSH connection is not as easy as setting up a direct TCP/IP connection. But a) there is a SSH tunnel help section and b) there are quite some forum threads in which common pitfalls are explained.

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