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heidisql crash

S.Preiss's profile image S.Preiss posted 3 years ago in Import/Export Permalink


When I try to import CSV files, sometimes this crash happens.

I click on Import CSV file, then I select a file from a Network drive (X: in this case) and then I click Open. And after clicking on import heidiSQL crashes - in adition 2 dialogs appeaer: No media in Drive D: ... please insert ...

Drive D: is either the Card reader or the CD/DVD-ROM - both of them are not in use so I wonder why this is happening as I haven't selected anything from there.

After the crash I can: "Continue application", open the Import dialog again and press import, as the filename is still there. This time all works fine...

But there is another bug with some CSV files. If I have something like this:

"Value";"Value2";"Value3" "Value4";"Value5";"Value6"

I find this in my table:

Value Value2 Value3 Value4 Value5 Value6"

so it imports the last " and the \n (or \r\n) after it into the last column of the last Row aswell The source is UTF-8 and this is not always happening.

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