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heidisql crash

swoosh's profile image swoosh posted 3 years ago in Import/Export Permalink

heidisql crash

when i change contents in column, crash execute

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faliksher's profile image faliksher posted 3 years ago Permalink

I'm facing crash issue, however my use case is simple. Windows 10, 64bit HP 450 G2, i5 with 8 GB ram and Samsung 850 EVO SSD Open HeidiSQL and connect to server (remote server over the internet) I have a sql file having around 10 queries, so I Load/open query file select first sql and run selected (Ctrl+F9) query (some time it executes ok, some time show error window with option to

  1. continue application
  2. restart application
  3. close application

So this can happen on 1st selected query to run or 2nd or any. Some time 'continue application' works and some time, same screen showup again with 'continue application' disabled.

Please help.

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NiallS's profile image NiallS posted 3 years ago Permalink

I'm getting an error very similar to that, mine occurs when I am connected to a remote server and I use an incorrect query i.e. the query has an error. It is possible to continue after this error but it is a nuisance and i've been getting it for a while. Unfortunately I can't give an example as I can't give you access to the data files. I will try and see if I can isolate it to a simple example. Windows 10 (64) bit Heidi Shuttle i7 16GB ram 256GB SSD 76Mbps Fibre Line Cheers Niall

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