Delphi-Starter 10.2

hhoefling posted 11 months ago in General

Has anyone tryed to compile HeidiSQL with Delphi-Starter 10.2 (or 10.1) It has no ADO support, but mysql shut go.

ansgar posted 11 months ago

You definitely need ADO support in Delphi for getting HeidiSQL compiled. Only Professional editions and up have ADO support, Starter most probably not.

hhoefling posted 11 months ago

I have Delphi2010Pro,

but this is to old for synedit ... :-(

hhoefling posted 11 months ago

Now it runs with Delphi Starter 10.2 (Tokyo)

I have done:

  • little Tweeks at synedit/virtualtree component for Compiler25/VER320
  • uncomment ADO-Unit in dbconnections.pas
  • uncomment all TAdo... and TPq... Classes/Routines in dbconnections.pas Compile....

it runs!

but only in English, Where are the other Languages?

Thank's Ansgar for this Software.

lg Heinz

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ansgar posted 11 months ago

Well you won't be able to use PostgreSQL and MSSQL then, but if you don't care that may be ok for you.

If you want languages to be included, these have to be

  1. pulled from Transifex
  2. then compiled to .mo files, with such a command line: "extra\internationalization\msgfmt.exe" -o out\locale\bg\LC_MESSAGES\ out\locale\bg\LC_MESSAGES\default.po
  3. merged into the compiled heidisql.exe: extra\internationalization\assemble.exe out\heidisql.exe --dxgettext

But I highly recommend to put the wanted .po file under out/locale/[your-locale]/LC_MESSAGES/default.po - without compiling to .mo format.

hhoefling posted 11 months ago

Ok, but from Transifex i become an 403 Error. I only want the German.po file for use in "out/locale/de-DE/LC_MESSAGES/default.po"

ansgar posted 11 months ago

You probably need to log into Transifex, and if you don't have an account there, you also may need to register there.

ansgar posted 11 months ago

Or just download the attached .po file and put it in out\locale\de\LC_MESSAGES\

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