Command line issue

DavBE posted 1 year ago in HeidiSQL portable


First of all, thank you for HeidiSQL.

I'm running into an issue when running HeidiSQL in command line. I'm trying to connect to a SQL Server (tcp/ip). Here's my command line :

heidisql.exe -n=4 -h=server\instance -u=sa -p=thepassword

There is not any window opening but I can see a heidisql.exe process running.

Any help ?



DavBE posted 1 year ago

Ok here's a little update on that issue : it seems it finally times out and HeidiSQL tells me it can't connect to the server. After further investigation, I created a session named "server" and when running : heidisql.exe -d=server

I get the same error : SQL Error (17) : [DBNETLIB] ConnectionOpen ...

then HeidiSQL opens and I can open the session by double clicking it.

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