Command line issue

DavBE posted 11 months ago in HeidiSQL portable


First of all, thank you for HeidiSQL.

I'm running into an issue when running HeidiSQL in command line. I'm trying to connect to a SQL Server (tcp/ip). Here's my command line :

heidisql.exe -n=4 -h=server\instance -u=sa -p=thepassword

There is not any window opening but I can see a heidisql.exe process running.

Any help ?



DavBE posted 11 months ago

Ok here's a little update on that issue : it seems it finally times out and HeidiSQL tells me it can't connect to the server. After further investigation, I created a session named "server" and when running : heidisql.exe -d=server

I get the same error : SQL Error (17) : [DBNETLIB] ConnectionOpen ...

then HeidiSQL opens and I can open the session by double clicking it.

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