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Error 1146 displays wrong message

Natty Roots's profile image Natty Roots posted 3 years ago in Running SQL scripts Permalink

Minor bug, but it got me stuck for a bit. When I run a query and make a mistake on the table name (i.e. 'table_names' instead of 'table_name') the error 1146 (wich is the right one to be called) says : "SQL Error (1146) : on GRANT is too long". This might be only a translation error though (in this case it should be : "Erreur SQL (1146) : La table n'existe pas").

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ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 years ago Permalink

HeidiSQL does not translate error messages. This is done by a server variable, namely lc-messages. The data behind that French translation may be wrong. I would test that by temporarily setting it to english messages:

SET @@session.lc_messages = 'en_US';

After doing that, you should get messages in English. Watch out for the same error, I guess it's the right one then.

However, I don't know where and how the server holds the translated messages. But probably this is a text file somewhere.

Probably the wrong translation was already fixed in a newer MySQL release.

Natty Roots's profile image Natty Roots posted 3 years ago Permalink

Thanks for your answer, lc_messages was already set to en_US (I guess it is by default) but changing it to my language did the trick for me (in my case fr_FR).

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