[BUG] Virtual field in export

pmml-md posted 12 months ago in General


Just to validate if this in intended or a bug. When exporting a table with a virtual field, it seems that the insert statements contain the value(s) of the virtual field but shouldn't.

This might be intended but causes the export to fail.


kalvaro posted 12 months ago

It may be entirely possible that HeidiSQL does not really support virtual columns in MySQL (the developer can confirm that). In 2011 it added support for virtual columns in MariaDB. Some time later MySQL itself added the feature, but eventually used a different syntax—not sure whether HeidiSQL caught up.

pmml-md posted 11 months ago

Hello, It does suport virtual columns in MySQL. My point is rather that values of virtual columns shouldn't be exported (as far as data is concerned).

Regards :)

kalvaro posted 11 months ago

Don't worry, your point clear. It's just I'm still attached to old MySQL versions and can't test this stuff myself.

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