Wrong display when parameters in stored procedure have comments using "--"

tsioh@yahoo.com posted 12 months ago in General

My stored procedure code is perfectly working. I only found this minor bug on the display of parameter properties. I am using version Please see the attached jpg. Thanks.

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BubikolRamios posted 11 months ago

This has ben discussed many times. Use the comments that heidi can eat. It does not eat anything.

AFAIK /........./ is OK

BubikolRamios posted 11 months ago

test /......./ Lets ste if stars will be eaten out by forum again ...

BubikolRamios posted 11 months ago

<-- if puted into source code

tsioh@yahoo.com posted 11 months ago

in my case i'm using "-- " for comments and i am required to use it not "/.../"

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