[BUG] Import text file doesn't recognize paths with spaces

larariro posted 12 months ago in Import/Export


The import text file feature doesn't recognize paths with white spaces in them. For expample, it can't import a file in the "Google Drive" folder.


ansgar posted 12 months ago

Can you please paste the full LOAD DATA ... command here, which is generated by HeidiSQL after clicking "OK" on the import dialog.

ansgar posted 12 months ago

Ah, and please the error message too.

larariro posted 12 months ago

Hello ansgar,

I was wrong. Heidi does recognize paths with spaces, what it doesn't recognize are paths with local characters (I'm from Spain). You can see it in the attached screenshot

1 attachment(s):
  • heidi-error
kalvaro posted 12 months ago

Does the user MySQL runs as ('NT AUTHORITY\Servicio de red, I presume) have access to your user directory?

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