[BUG] Import text file doesn't recognize paths with spaces

larariro posted 9 months ago in Import/Export


The import text file feature doesn't recognize paths with white spaces in them. For expample, it can't import a file in the "Google Drive" folder.


ansgar posted 9 months ago

Can you please paste the full LOAD DATA ... command here, which is generated by HeidiSQL after clicking "OK" on the import dialog.

ansgar posted 9 months ago

Ah, and please the error message too.

larariro posted 9 months ago

Hello ansgar,

I was wrong. Heidi does recognize paths with spaces, what it doesn't recognize are paths with local characters (I'm from Spain). You can see it in the attached screenshot

1 attachment(s):
  • heidi-error
kalvaro posted 9 months ago

Does the user MySQL runs as ('NT AUTHORITY\Servicio de red, I presume) have access to your user directory?

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