INSERT NULL in data grid in menu and toolbar

MrHIDEn posted 3 weeks ago in General

We can insert NULL by Ctrl+Shift+N but it really should be on the main toolbar and in the menu.

Misha v.3 posted 3 weeks ago

You cannot have everything in main toolbar. And a button for inserting NULLs should never be in main toolbar imho as it is relevant for Data grids only. Its current location (in context menu as well as on Ctrl+Shift+N hot key) is perfect.

MrHIDEn posted 3 weeks ago

Ctr+Shit+N uses two hands, one i use for mouse. Ok, main toolbar is not right place, but it should be at list on cell edit window, just button (NULL). Or on context menu.

Misha v.3 posted 2 weeks ago

It is in context menu at this moment. RMB (right mouse button) click over cell where you'd like to insert null and then choose 'Insert value | NULL'

MrHIDEn posted 2 weeks ago

Thx, I did not see. :(

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