INSERT NULL in data grid in menu and toolbar

MrHIDEn posted 12 months ago in General

We can insert NULL by Ctrl+Shift+N but it really should be on the main toolbar and in the menu.

Misha v.3 posted 12 months ago

You cannot have everything in main toolbar. And a button for inserting NULLs should never be in main toolbar imho as it is relevant for Data grids only. Its current location (in context menu as well as on Ctrl+Shift+N hot key) is perfect.

MrHIDEn posted 12 months ago

Ctr+Shit+N uses two hands, one i use for mouse. Ok, main toolbar is not right place, but it should be at list on cell edit window, just button (NULL). Or on context menu.

Misha v.3 posted 11 months ago

It is in context menu at this moment. RMB (right mouse button) click over cell where you'd like to insert null and then choose 'Insert value | NULL'

MrHIDEn posted 11 months ago

Thx, I did not see. :(

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