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Hi, I need to do this work for August 9 and I did some things but I do not know if they are good and I would like help. This is my practical work And I want to finish everything.

2017 Programming Course Workshop A database for a transport company and a WEB interface must be designed, implemented and documented to manage it. The data that have been relieved are the following: • The company has a fleet of trucks, and sends to different cities in the country. • The company also has a team of drivers. • A truck can be driven by any driver. • When a trip is organized, departure date is specified, and arrival to and the city of origin and destination (one of them is always buenos aires) • Packages are transported, which have been despatched by customers. Of the packages it registers dimensions and weight, Requirements. • Perform the DER to model the database. • Define the tables to implement the DER. • To create the database. • Perform a data load of at least ten clients, and five records in the other tables. • Write queries in SQL: O List of trips made by a driver indicating the truck used and the destination city O List of packages included in a trip O Discharge of a trip

• Document all queries in a file. • Site structure diagram graphing the links between files. • Develop the HTML + PHP site to include at least: O Travel query by selecting destination city and start date higher than a given O List of trucks. Or ABM of the driver table which is only accessed after validating user and password

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