Trim text in column filter

IJay posted 11 months ago in Feature discussion

I'm very often using the "Create multi column filter" feature to filter the table for the required search phrase. Unfortunately, now and then it happens that I copy and paste a text with trailing spaces or tabs without noticing it. In result I don't find the rows I was looking for until I realize my mistake.

I've been working with HeidiSQL for many years now and also donated for this lifesaver. I've tried to get used to this problem as it's not a bug of course, since it's filtering for the whole input. But no matter how hard I try to keep this in mind, it still happens from time to time that a copied word or phrase has some invisible chars around it. This can be really frustrating.

I would love to have an option that would trim the input automatically when the "Apply filter" button is pressed. I would understand if you don't want to have this as the default behavior, but please add this as an option in the preferences!

Thank you!

IJay posted 10 months ago

Any chance to get a reply on this one? Adding "Trim(...)" (with a checkbox to make it optional or simply for all by default) is probably one of the simplest requests but with huge benefit for use cases like mine. It took me years to post this as a request, so I'm confident, other users experience the same issue, but simply don't take the time to request something like this.

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