Bad Characters on screen, with error warning

computergenius posted 9 months ago in General

This happens a lot, and usually I can just press continue, and continue. But not always. Sometimes HeidiSQL shuts down.

As soon as I touch the screen, the characters disappear, so I can't do a screen shot. Then I realised that I have a camera on my phone - DUH... (:->

So, at last! - a screen shot, and an error log.

The query is select * from messages where msgFrom = 109222 or msgTo = 109222 The end of the query gets chopped off, and "dirty characters" appear to the right of it.

This has been happening on and off since I started using HeidiSQL.

I am not sure if this has any relationship to - Garbage in query log

I noticed the last comment on that post, I never use more than one instance of HeidiSQL, and I had only one connection to a database open.

computergenius posted 9 months ago

I didn't check the size of the screen shot before trying to upload it. 5Mb is big... sorry.

The screen shot and error log are here.

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