Database list does not update with folder reading

francisco.barciella posted 9 months ago in General

Hi. Sorry for my bad english.

I usually transfer the database folders to the ./data/ folder between computers by restarting the MariaDB service and reopening the HeidiSQL. The databases are installed correctly in MariaDB, but HeidiSQL does not update the list of databases. Manually removing or changing the name is also not updated.

I found the \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ HeidiSQL \ Servers \ LocalMariaDB \ Databases in the Windows Registry, which contains the list of databases separated by ";", edited, restarted HeidiSQL and only then the list was updated.

I expected that, at least at startup, HeidiSQL would scan the data folder. Ideally, when pressing F5 this scan would be performed.


Misha v.3 posted 9 months ago

I believe that Heidi does NOT scan any folders to get a list of databases (it is just impossible for remote servers). It uses SQL commands SHOW DATABASES. You can see the command in Heidi's log (at the bottom).

In my case Heidi do this on startup or Refresh (F5).

If a databases list is not updated in you case you should manually execute SHOW DATABASES command and see results. For me it looks that something not right with you database movement process (I've never copied DB files only from one server to another as this process does not "sounds right" to me).

ansgar posted 9 months ago

Most probably you have given the session a list of databases in the "Database(s)" box. Just remove that and save the session, so it always scans for the whole database list automatically.

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