Exporting settings to portable version

MarcM3 posted 1 year ago in General


Is it possible to export the settings from the 'normal' version to the portable version? The 'normal' version export them to a .reg-file. The portable version need .txt-files.


ansgar posted 1 year ago

No, the normal version exports a .txt file which is exactly the same format as in the portable version. Only you need to use a newer version of HeidiSQL. I did the switch from .reg to .txt files in the settings export some years ago.

abu posted 7 months ago

So, when you did that switch from .reg to .txt, what should the ".reg version" users do to preserve their settings when changing to ".txt version"?

In other words: nowadays, from a HeidiSQL version which uses .txt files, how do we import an old .reg settings file?

ansgar posted 7 months ago

An old .reg file can be imported by just doubleclicking it in your Windows Explorer.

The newer .txt format is interchangeable between the portable and the normal version.

abu posted 7 months ago

Thanks for your answer @ansgar , but I guess that would simply update my windows registry keys, which is already up to date (since my previous HeidiSQL version was running in the same computer).

Nevermind, this gave me the clue: https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=6094#p6124

I think this was my fail: portable HeidiSQL was not reading the registry, because I had not deleted the portable_settings.txt file which comes by default.

Once I removed it (delete/rename), the .reg settings did finally appear when I launched portable .exe. So I can now export them to a portable_settings.txt file and move it in my USB along with HeidiSQL.exe.

BTW, regarding that portable_settings.txt file, please take a look to what I asked here: https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=25559

Thanks a lot !!!

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