Unicode UTF-8

tomthirteen posted 6 months ago in General


Does anyone know how to handle UTF-8 well in HeidiSQL? I've got 271 interlanguage files from Wikipedia, possibly with every script there is in the world. I've used the GUI to import the files, but I receive error messages for some of the files. I tried to use the command prompt, but that's even worse. It doesn't import accurately many of the letters. Any help is MUCH appreciated.


archfrog posted 6 months ago

Did you try to specify the encoding in the File/Run SQL File dialogue? There's an Encoding field at the bottom.

I had some issues with Unicode a while back and solved it with this trick: Use File/Load SQL File and then manually run the loaded SQL afterwards. I could not get it to work with File/Run SQL File, but the trick did work for me.

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