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Hit on virustotal

Gene's profile image Gene posted 2 years ago in General

The heidisql portable gets two positive hits on virus total:

Any idea what's going on?

Curanai's profile image Curanai posted 2 years ago

Virus detection is build on signatures. Maybe the compression/compilation "looks like" a signature - called "false positives".

kalvaro's profile image kalvaro posted 2 years ago

The UPX compression used in the binary triggers false positives now and then in some heuristic engines. Plus there haven't been new HeidiSQL releases in several months—time enough for actual viruses to be found. I can't check though whether the scanned file belongs to current version (I have the 64-bit binaries and that seems to be the 32-bit one).

BTW, I've issued a re-scan (no changes).

creek23's profile image creek23 posted 6 months ago

I tried downloading heidisql64.r5511.exe but the network antivirus (Symantec) in our office keeps deleting it. Tried to check with virustotal and also got a hit. I can still use the old one (v9.5.0.5277) but I would as least like to have a taste of fixes/improvements and new features that I'm missing with v10.1

check virustotal and use this: a93243b89144a9a209958a41e8603fc643ce2ab7b4b0ad3dfa4bd05dbb02f2d1 ^ as new member of forum, I'm prevented to post a link.


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