Asynchroneous display of results

ralf posted 11 months ago in Feature discussion

Some queries behave like select seq, sleep(1) from seq_1_to_10000 , they run for a long time but produce their results row by row. It would be nice to see the rows as they arrive and to not have to wait until the result is complete -- this way you can see that everything behaves properly and guess the total runtime, and decide if you want to kill the query etc.


One class of queries is data comparison:

select * from a where not exists (select 1 from b where b.x = a.x);

Or checking (CHECKSUM_IS_OK() being an expensive stored function):

select * from t where not CHECKSUM_IS_OK(t.x);

The moment the first row appears, you know that the datasets are different. When you have seen 10 rows, you know the structure of the data missing in b and you can kill the query and debug. If no rows appear, of course the comparison has to run to the end.

BubikolRamios posted 11 months ago

Look fol SQL LIMIT keywod Heidi has nothing to do with that

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