HeidiSQL crash with EAccessViolation

miketubby posted 11 months ago in General

I managed to crash HeidiQSL with an EAccessViloation by modifying a table and switching from 'Table' to 'Data' view.

Environment: Windows 10, 64-bit talking to MySQL 5.7 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server over standard TCP/3306 connection.

I added a new column 'active' (TINYINT) in table view, clicked the data tab to switch to the data view which was displayed but without the new column (I had already been editing data previously).

I expected to right-click and 'Refresh' to see the new column by HeidiSQL threw an error message:

SQL Error (1364): Field 'active' doesn't have a default value

and when I hit 'Ok' it crashed.

Bug report attached.



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BubikolRamios posted 11 months ago

That is coz you 1.entered/edited data --> not saved it !

  1. addec column
  2. refresh on data view triggers save, and can't save coz of
SQL Error (1364): Field 'active' doesn't have a default value

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