HeidiSQL 9 'greys out' the [Save] button at the wrong time

miketubby posted 11 months ago in General

I've noticed a bug with HeidiSQL and the operation of the [Save] button whereby it gets greyed out at the wrong time meaning that you can't save changes to a table.

Environment: Windows 10, 64-bit, MySQL Server 5.7.x, InnoDB tables.

Create a database or have one in use, then go to the 'database' column on the left, right click and:

Create New > Table

and pick a new table name, eg. "foo".

Add a few columns to foo, with the first being 'id' INT(11) UNSIGNED, ALLOW NULL and a few more.

Then remember that you had intended to make 'id' the primary key so right-click it, add Primary, then click in the 'Indexes' panel above the 'Columns' panel.

When you return to the 'Columns' panel the [Save] at the bottom is greyed out - so you can't save the table.

Clicking away to another table name in the left column results in a dialogue box '{Database Name} Confirm' 'Save new table?' [Yes] [No] [Cancel].

Choosing 'Yes' gives:

SQL Error (1103): Invalid table name ''

suggesting that the table name and table 'dirty' (needs saving) context are out of step?

Photo attached - names removed to protect the innocent.


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BubikolRamios posted 11 months ago
with the first being 'id' INT(11) UNSIGNED, **ALLOW NULL**

this can't be primary, so there is perhaps the problem

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