Execute "use mysql" before doing changes with the user manager

tam posted 11 months ago in Feature discussion

When working my Heidi on a remote server which is a master in a multiple master replication environment, I have to take care, when using the user manager, that I first select a database, which is not replicated, otherwise the "RENAME USER ..." (for example) is replicated on the salve, which mostly breaks the replication, because masters and slave generally have different users.

The simple solution would be to execute a "use mysql" before the user manager is doing changes.

Thanks in advance.

ansgar posted 11 months ago

Well you might not have privileges for changing into the "mysql" database, but privileges to run RENAME USER or whatever. This is the reason why HeidiSQL uses the various SQL commands for managing accounts, not some UPDATE, DELETE or INSERT INTO user.

Why not synchronize user accounts and privileges between your master and slave server? Otherwise I guess you should just not use HeidiSQL's user manager.

tam posted 11 months ago

Hello Ansgar,

thanks for the quick answer. Syncing the users is, in my case, not a good idea.

To open the user manager on needs RELOAD and SELECT privileges, isn't this enough to do a USE MYSQL?

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