A couple of sugestions

jcfaria posted 11 months ago in General

First, many thanks for the greate piece of software. HeidiSQL is now my preferred software to work with MariaDB.

I would like to sugest:

  • make available an option to enable users toogle the higlight visibility (and to choice the color) of the current line in the EDITOR. I believe this will be quite useful for users.

  • make available the user to choice a shortcut to enable user clear the LOG.

I think you are using SynEdit in the sources. It will be very easy.

Best, J.C.Faria

ansgar posted 11 months ago
  • Active line can be coloured in Tools > Preferences > SQL: select "Active line background" and choose a background color.
  • a shortcut for clearing the editor should at first make it a so called TAction. Please file a feature request at Github.
jcfaria posted 11 months ago

Thanks and done!

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