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dgivens69 posted 12 months ago in General

I have seen that rollapp are looking at running a version of heidisql on their server so that you can login and control your databases via a browser based system. But 1/ I am not sure on the security of this 2/ whether this is done with the consent of HeidiSQL or 3/ whether it will happen soon. Does anyone know if there is any way of installing this on a cloud based server or whether there is any plans to make a cloud version of HeidiSQL.

ansgar posted 12 months ago

I can assure you that there is currently no plan to support some cloud based HeidiSQL, and that I as the author am not aware of the project you mention.

kalvaro posted 12 months ago

He's talking about rollApp. From what I could see in their site, they offer a farm of virtual machines with pre-installed desktop software and some software/library to interact with them in a browser (some kind of RDP or VNC, I guess).

I'm not a lawyer but as long as they comply with the GNU General Public License v2.0 and don't violate any trademark regarding the name or logo (if any) I don't think they need to ask for permission. (If they need to make changes to the app in order to work in their system they couldn't refuse to share the source code.)

About security... You know, "cloud" is just a fancy name for "someone else's computer" ;-)

dgivens69 posted 12 months ago

This is why I asked, as I have been using the software for a long time and do not want to upset anyone. I like the idea of an online version as I support many databases and at the moment, I have to install the software on any pc/laptop I use. But I have been looking at chromebook and I cannot install heidisql on there. So I would like a cloud presence as there is no real competition to it, but I also need the security that it provides as a windows client.

kalvaro posted 12 months ago

"Cloud" is largely a marketing buzzword. What exact features do you ask for and what exact needs will they solve?

I mean, if we're talking about e-mail or spreadsheets I understand it's handy to have all your data uploaded to the internet so you can check it out anywhere, but MySQL databases are either already on the internet (thus not much to win) or local (in which case they can't be managed with any internet-based service).

dgivens69 posted 12 months ago

I look after about 40 databases (live, test & development) on multiple web servers in various locations. I am presently located in Southern Italy where the concept of fixed IP addresses is alien. So As the servers I look after require me to set up IP access to work on the databases remotely and as HeidiSQL holds the connecting info. What I am really looking for is HeidiSQL running on a fixed IP address server somewhere on the net (even on one of our servers), that I can access via a browser from where ever I happen to be at the time. I hope that makes it clearer.

lemon_juice posted 11 months ago

I thing this would certainly work but I suspect the speed of HeidiSQL running thought a remote desktop in a browser would be less than optimal (to put it very mildly). One of the biggest advantages of a desktop program like Heidi is its excellent speed and responsiveness because you run it on your local machine. If you run it in the "cloud" you lose it completely. And I would suspect the speed of a remote desktop in a browser to be much worse than speed of dedicated RD software (because browsers have their limitations and many optimizations are not available). Add to that the overhead of a proxy (your cloud machine) connection to the target database.

In this case running a web based db tool like PhpMyAdmin will be much faster.

I'm afraid Chromebook is not the right tool for this job. Maybe as an occasional fall back from time to time but not as a regular way of working with databases.

AndyJ posted 11 months ago

Just adding to lemon_juice's post - which is correct.

It sounds like you are trying to "cloud" a desktop app which goes against the very principles of the primary differences between the two so even if you did get it to work I think you end up with a massive performance hit which would make the whole idea pointless.

Ie. - don't bother. Use a proper browser based system instead.

cacofony posted 11 months ago

There is an option

You could compile your own version with VirtualUI support (You add 1 line to the source)

www cybelesoft com /thinfinity/virtualui/

I have used VirtualUI to make an application available by HTML5 browser. Works great!

The official HeidieSQL could support it also by including the code it makes no difference it you don't use it in Virtual UI mode.

  • Download Virtual UI trial (code added to source is not trial it's all about the server licenses)
  • Add VirtualUI_AutoRun, to your program (dpr) uses
  • Done

Once a server is setup you can then either lock the application down with authentications or make it publicly accessible.

Not affiliated with VirtualUI just a happy user.

cacofony posted 11 months ago

They also have a free license of Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation for personal or commercial projects free of charge.

This could allow you to make any application available in a browser. VirtualUI is better as your application gets a few extra tweaks with dialog boxes to make the application open browser dialog's for load/save files

Attached a screenshot of HeidiSQL running in Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation

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