Drop down list (selects) - small change

Voult posted 1 year ago in General

Is it possible that You can change number of rows shown in drop down lists (selects)?

Like those on Table Tools / Sql Export where you choose either export to "Single .sql", or you choose external/local database, etc.

I have so many connections in my manager that I have to handle, that selecting from these list can be a real pain. Thay are limited to max 8 rows and that's too narrow.

I don't even ask if that could be moved to preferences, where user can choose number of rows shown. It can be fixed numbers, but - please - more than fixed 8 - it's too small.

Please help Ansgar :)

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Yes, that sounds reasonable.

Only the next time report things to the bugtracker, please.

Voult posted 1 year ago


Thank you very much.

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