Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

kiltannen posted 1 year ago in Feature discussion

Is there any chance that the author of HeidiSQL would consider including providing an ERD on the roadmap?

I realise there was a post on this 4 years ago, but maybe there are others who would want this. (And just maybe, your openness to it might have increased?)

Also - I wonder if there might be some other project that could provide a kickstart on this? Specifically, the software: schemaspy.sourceforge.net is licensed under the GNU Lesser library license, making it available for you to make use of with little barrier if you choose.

I would really love to see this ability become available within your product!

snoel115 posted 7 months ago

Hi all,

First, I have to say that I love working with your product. I have compared many product overtime and yours is definitely the easiest and fastest to work with. Congratulations

However, the Entity Relationship Diagram (EER) is a missing feature in your tool. Because of this missing item, I installed other tools and I am going back and forth from one to HeidiSQL.

Is this something you have in your roadmap? When should we expect it?

Thank you,

ansgar posted 7 months ago

I think such an ERD is much effort to realize, while I have currently more than enough to do with fixing issues and some features reported in the tracker.

But probably there is someone wanting to help out for this ERD.

At least there should be an issue in the tracker for that feature, with a mockup of how that thing could look like when it's ready.

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