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Peter11244 posted 1 year ago in General


I would like to report an issue I am having at present. Whenever I try to access the connections window in HeidiSQL it is trapped off-screen (as per image, window is not minimized)

I can right click and log into a session directly with the main window appearing on my screen as normal. Whenever I try to use the connection manager from the main window it does not appear and locks the window.

I use a multi-monitor setup so sometimes will use WinKey + Left or WinKey + Right to bring windows back onto an active screen, but the connection manager does not respond to this.

Current solution is to reinstall with an older version. Whenever I upgrade the issue reoccurs. Is there a way to reset the memory Heidi has of the window location?

Thanks, Peter

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ansgar posted 1 year ago

I highly guess that remembering the previous screen position is the cause. See this thread. I guess that happens first after plugging a second screen of your computer?

I'll try to add some check to it, which prevents the dialog from being displayed outside the screen.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Should be better in the next nightly build.

I hope that TForm.MakeFullyVisible is doing what I think it should. I only tested with a single-monitor setup and hacking registry settings for the previous position. See

Peter11244 posted 1 year ago

I am updated and all seems good now. Thanks for the quick response and your work on Heidi in general.

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