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mismail posted 1 year ago in General

MariaDB Introduced window functions (i.e. ROW_NUMBER() OVER(Partition By ... Order By ...)) since version 10.2 which will soon be available also with MySQL 8. Would it be possible to get compatible within SQL editor that soon? And many thanks for the great job you do.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

What would you expect from HeidiSQL when you say "compatible within SQL editor"?

mismail posted 1 year ago

Hello Ansgar, I mainly mean that at least it should not be detected as a syntax error causing intellisense and auto-complete functionalities to stop working. Would be a plus if also recognized by intellisense and auto-complete. Thank you very much.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

I'm still not able to fully understand where HeidiSQL shows some error. You should describe it more exactly, perhaps with a screenshot, and/or an error message if you got one.

kalvaro posted 1 year ago

I can't speak for MariaDB but I've been using window functions for a while in SQL Server without major glitches (save for weird line splitting when using Reformat SQL). Perhaps it's only some specific query the one that triggers those errors :-?

mismail posted 1 year ago

Sorry, just updated to latest version finding the following: 1- Fields auto complete now working within and after any window function as shown in autocomplete3.jpg. 2- Only auto complete for the function itself and the keyword "over()" is missing.(as per autocomplete1.jpg and autocomplete2.jpg).

Sorry again for disturbance.

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