Any tips for someone wanting to contribute code?

alexhitchins posted 1 year ago in General


I'm a seasoned developer, mainly in C# and the MS ecosystem however over the many, many years have worked on other platforms, languages and so on.

I really like HeidiSql and would like to be able to build it from my machine and perhaps even send upstream any features I get working that others could benefit from.

My issue seems to be getting the right (now legacy?) version of Delphi installed and more importantly, licensed. I can see no OS/FOSS no-cost ways to get the tools necessary to work on the application. Do such options exist or would I have to cough up for a licence, as this would be a barrier for me.

Any tips/pointers/abuse, all welcome.

Thanks to everyone for making such a great tool.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

You first starting point should be this short documentation:

alexhitchins posted 1 year ago

I've read that post, am I right then that the only way to be able to build/develop on this project be to get a current licence for the most recent version of the Delphi platform, then revert back to the previous version stated?

It seems like it would be a great project to work on if you already have the tools in place.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

No need to revert - using Delphi XE5 should be quite safe/stable, as that's the version I am supporting due to my own license.

alexhitchins posted 1 year ago

OK, What do I need to do in order to get XE5 installed? I presume I'll have to purchase a licence?

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Yes, you will need a XE5 license from Embardadero. Not sure if this is still available. I bought mine through a retailer on Ebay.

alexhitchins posted 1 year ago

Thanks, A quick looks bring up lots of bright car bulbs but little in the way of software. I'll get in touch with Embardadero and see if they have some open source freebee licence or can sort me out with a licence.

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