Be able to use table prefixes and possibility to replace it in an export to another database

kugelschreiber posted 11 months ago in General


I have the following "problem" when I want to export a table (having a table prefix) into the same table using a different prefix. (like "cust1_articles" and "cust2_articles") Background: I have a global project and using a mysql database with some sql tables. To identify the tables for a customer I am using table prefixes with an abriviation of the customer (like "cust1_articles" to identify the tables for the "customer 1"). Now I have a second customer using the same project. Therefore it uses also the same general table structure. So the tables got the prefix "cust2_articles". When I now want to copy the table of customer 1 to the appropriate table of customer 2, it is not possible. So the main question will be: "Is it possible to include such prefix logic in the Export/Import Wizard, so that I can define the prefix on the source and the prefix for the target table?"

Many thanks!

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