Disable default order by label on foreign keys

dario posted 8 months ago in General

Hi, is it possible to disable default column ordering by label, or choose another one when selecting from foreign keys dropdown, as you can see in picture below?

Thanks in advance.

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ansgar posted 8 months ago

No, this is hardcoded. HeidiSQL searches for the first text/varchar column in the target table and uses that for displaying.

dario posted 8 months ago

Thank you very much for the quick reply. But if the first varchar column is a PK/Unique, HeidiSQL will search for the next one, is it correct? Best regards

ansgar posted 8 months ago

Now that I look into the relevant code again, I see that it's the first text column, which is not the foreign key column itself. This can also be a primary key, but not necessarily.

dario posted 8 months ago

Ok, now is all clear, thanks for your support!

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